About us

Ardill Computers

Based in southern Adelaide, Ardill Computers offers various IT services to homes, businesses and companies throughout South Australia. Established in 1995, Ardill Computers has provided fast, friendly, reliable service to customers of all sizes and industries.

Our philosophy is keeping it simple and dependable. Knowing your needs is critical to finding simple, reliable and cost effective solutions, that deliver real results. 

Ardill Computers provides tested and mature solutions, that meet the most demanding environments. We understand the effectiveness of your IT investment is key to the success of your business and ours alike. We are vendor neutral and do not push solutions that have the biggest margins, nor those that require continual maintenance and service.

If you are a small to medium business or running a business from home, please check out our selection of easy and cost effective solutions designed to eliminate common IT headaches.

For more details on any of our services and solutions or to discuss your needs, please come in and see us or contact us here. We look forward to doing business with you.