Data Recovery

Without a backup and your hard disk or memory stick stopped working?
Lost precious photos or critical business data?
We can help!

Ardill Computers aims to make your hard disk problems nothing more than a minor setback. With 15+ years of data recovery experience and 100's of satisfied commercial and personal customers, we have the tools and knowledge to offer the best possible chance of recovery.

Files on your hard disk can become corrupted or unreadable for a variety of reasons:
  • Accidental deletion or formatting
  • Mechanical failure from wear and tear or damage.
  • Power spikes or surges
  • Hardware or software failure
  • Computer virus or malware / spyware
In the majority of situations, we can perform a full or partial recovery of your precious data.

What can I do?

Most importantly, stop using the computer or device and power it off. Do not save or make further changes to the hard disk or media. Additional data can be lost with further use.

Why us?

  • Guaranteed confidentiality.
  • Fast, friendly and professional service.
  • Honest and upfront. No hidden or surprise charges.
  • All media types and storage configurations.
    • Hard disks - PC and laptop (SATA / PATA / IDE / SCSI / RAID)
    • Portable hard disks
    • Memory cards
    • USB sticks
    • Digitial cameras and recorders
    • Optical Media (Blueray/ DVD/ CDROM)


We have an upfront minimum charge of $75 to cover the initial assessment, which allows us to inspect the hard disk/media and give an honest evaluation/ quote. Unlike our competitors we do not charge absorbent fees regardless of success. We only charge a recovery fee if data is successfully recovered.

Recovery charges are labour based and not volume based. A typical recovery with a few thousand photos is often under $200. 

Further information

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