About Us

Ardill Computers is a provider of quality IT products and services to businesses in the southern suburbs of Adelaide.

Business enquiries can be made to (08)71271800 or via email at support@ardill.com

Remote Support

Quick Support http://tv.ardill.com

Regular Support http://help.ardill.com

Non-Business support

As of May 2014, we no longer offer personal support IT services. Those seeking personal IT services may try https://healthytechnology.com.au/ (08 7127 0345), who are the recommended local Aberfoyle Park/Flagstaff Hill operator.

Email Scam Invoices [Sep-2016]

We are aware of a 3rd party sending fraudulent invoices via email, using our name in the signoff. The emails do not originate from us and are easily identifiable as NOT being from xxxxx@ardill.com and are very generically worded. We remind email users to be vigilant of these scammers and not open attachments from unknown sources.